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Contact form 7 : The best plugin for contact form

Contact Form 7 is a  simple and easy contact form creating tool available in wordpress that can manage multiple contact forms, also can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple authentication and markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Creating a simple form using Contact Form.

It’s easy for setting and creating  forms in Contact Form 7.You need to go through the simple and easy steps as following:

In the Dashboard on the plugins ,click on AddNewto add new plugin.


Search by Name “Contact Form 7” in the search box and Click on Install button to install the form.

(Note: We can add the plugin manually by downloading the plugin from Contact Form7 and follow the same steps.)

To activate Click on Activate button ,search for Contact on the left sidebar of Dashboard and Click Contact to create forms change configuration and many more features.

i.e Install>>Activate>>Contact

The Contact section has 3 parts

  • Contact Forms: part that create ,edit forms,view shortcodes of forms etc.
  • Add New: part used to create new forms and manage the configuration of different forms and their mailboxes.
  • Integration: part used to integrate the form with the rECAPTCHA and others.

We can create new forms and modify from here.To create a new form click on          Add New and on the Form section  add all the required form contents either simply drag and drop the contents given above or by coding HTML codes yourself and click on  Save button at the end of the page to save the edited form.

i.e Contact>>Add New>> Form>>Save.

In the Mail section you can configure the settings of form. For a simple form you can left it unchanged and continue.

  • Basic header fields (ToFrom and Subject):

These are basic and necessary message header fields; and we can embed mail-tags anywhere in these fields.

  • Additional Headers:

We  can insert additional message header fields here, such as Cc and Bcc. There should be one field per line. We can embed mail-tags anywhere in these fields.

The Message section consist of pre-featured messages ,we can change as per our wish.

Additional Settings: We can include additional settings to each contact form by adding code snippets in the specific format into the Additional Settings field in the contact form’s edit screen.

After the contact form is ready copy the Shortcode given above the form label.

Paste the shortcode on the desired page (better the Contact Us page) and Publish the page .

Now Click the Contact Us(example) page , the Contact form is published.

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