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All in One WP Migration Maximum Upload Size Problem [100% Solved]

All in One WP Migration is the best plugin when it comes to migrate a WordPress website from one host to another. It gives the one click solution while making a migration or a major benefit is we can also backup the website in the form of a .wpress file.

All in one WP Migration has over 2 Millions + active users and  this plugin has a restriction to import the file of size only 2 MB. To upload the backup file of size more than 2MB we need to Go Unlimited( which is obviously the pro-version of the plugin.

This maximum upload file size problem has a clear and simple solution. Follow the following steps and you will get the file upload size whatever  you want .

  1. Open .htaccess file  stored in public_html or theme folder( for XAMPP or WAMP users).
    i.e public_html >> .htaccess
  2. Paste the following code below the end of </IfModule> in the file.
  • Upload_max_filesize :
    Increasing this value will increase the limit of size  to upload any file in the website. E.g uploading the backup file.
  • Post_max_size :
    Increasing this will increase the size of post you can post under the post section of website. The size of post usually depends on the use of image or files on the post.

3. Save the file and refresh the website , the limit must have been  increased.

Are you confused, watch the video about increasing the filesize in All in one WP Migration Plugin.

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